Request a Record by Mail

You may make a request for a specific record using our online form, in person at the research room, or by mail.

When you mail in a request for a record, please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Your name
  • Your return address and/or the address where you’d like the record mailed
  • Your phone number
  • The type of record you're requesting
  • The county or government office
  • The case number or certificate number or any identifying number
  • The name of any person or organization relevant to the search
  • Your best guess at the date of the record
  • The documents or specific type of information you need from the requested materials
  • Tell us if you need the record certified

If insufficient information is provided, archives staff will notify you and close your request.

In most cases, archivists will not fulfill requests that ask for "everything you have on [insert topic]." If you are unsure of what records you want, call our reference desk before mailing in a request.

Send mail requests to:

Colorado State Archives
Request Desk
1313 Sherman St, Room 120
Denver, CO 80203-2274