Colorado Historical Records Advisory Board

CHRAB: Colorado Historical Records Advisory Board


The Colorado Historical Records Advisory Board (CHRAB), established by Executive order of the Governor in 1976, serves two primary roles. In partnership with the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC):

  1. Reviews NHPRC grant proposals from Colorado organizations and makes recommendations to the National Commission.
  2. Serves as a central advisory body within Colorado for historical records planning and coordination. NHPRC mandates strategic planning as a primary function of state boards.

Mission Statement:

The CHRAB will ensure understanding of our state's past by supporting statewide, the efforts to identify, preserve, and promote access to essential historical documentation.

Vision Statement:

To be effective, CHRAB must encourage all users to access historical information. We also must find technologies, techniques and partners that can improve service and efficiency, and we must assist all repositories in expanding, continuously, their capability to meet basic and ideal expectations.

Access CHRAB's Bylaws.