Department of Transportation


15-40 CDOT Aeronautics



05-181 Internal & External



15-45 Bridge


Civil Rights and Busins Resource Center/Administrative Services

16-08 CDOT Headquarters Civil Rights and Business Resource Center

06-108 Office of Equal Opportunity


Contracts and Market Analysis

15-41 Market Analysis


Engineering Maintenance

05-199 Bridge Design & Management



16-05 Environmental Region and HQ


High Performance Transportation Enterprise

15-54 HPTE


Human Resources Administration Services

05-184 Admin Services/Reproduction Bid Plans/Storeroom 11

05-183 Records Management Unit/Central Files

07-24 Facilities Management

05-182 Records Management Unit

05-174 Mail Center

05-191 Risk Management

05-208 Center for Procurement & Contract Services


Materials and Geotechnical

15-43 Materials Lab


Office of Financial Management and Budget

15-44 OFMB


Office of Transportation Safety

15-42 CDOT Risk Management


Project Support

15-55 Standards and Specifications Program


Office of Public Relations



Region Engineering and Maintenance

15-56 Region Traffic Engineering


Region Unique Records

16-04 CDOT Regions


Staff Branches/Project Development

07-05 Contracts & Market Analysis

15-58 CDOT HQ and Region Right of Way


Traffic Engineering

15-57 HQ Traffic Engineering


Transportation Commission



Transportation Development

15-49 Cartography

05-188 Environmental Programs Branch

07-04 Intermodal Planning

07-11 Research