How to transfer records to Colorado State Archives

In general Colorado State Archives accepts records:

  • created by a government office in the state of Colorado
  • designated for permanent retention by records managers at the State Archives

The following video provides a fuller explanation of the transfer process.

If you believe you are ready to begin the transfer process, please fill out the Records Transfer Request Form, and email it to dpa_archivesrm@state.co.us.


If you have additional questions after watching the video, please refer to the Common FAQ's below

I am interested is depositing records, what should I do first?

The first step is to watch the above video: "Colorado State Archives - How to Transfer Records". The video will provide you with basic knowledge in regards to the transfer process and what to expect.

Are there fees to store records at the State Archives?

No, there are no fees to store permanent records at the State Archives.

Will we be able to check out records from the State Archives?

No, effective June 30, 2015 materials that have been deposited with the State Archives will not be eligible for temporary or permanent withdrawal. Exemptions to this policy can be made for special projects such as digitization. Exemptions will be made on a case by case scenario.

How would we go about viewing a file we previously transferred to State Archives?

You can request to view files through our Research Desk.  You can either make an appointment to view the files in person, or you can elect to have the files sent to you via email or mail for a fee. In both instances, please make a request to access records to our Research Desk.  Applicable fees can be found on our current fee schedule.

Where do I purchase Archive Storage Boxes?

Boxes can be purchased anywhere banker-sized boxes are sold.  Archival quality boxes can be purchased at Gaylord Archival or Hollinger Metal Edge.

What should I do to prepare the records for transfer to the State Archives?

There are a couple of things that one could do to prep the records before boxing up and transferring material to State Archives.
• Remove materials from envelopes, hanging folders, and envelopes and place
materials in folders.
• Purge all unnecessary duplicates of documents and records that would be considered non permanent.
• Remove all binder clips, rubber bands, and large paper clips from records prior to packing.
• Keep the records in order in which they were originally filed.

How should I pack the boxes?

• Pack the boxes until they are almost full. Leave a little "wiggle" room. Typically "wiggle" room is defined as about an inch and a half or being able to slide your hand between the files and the back of the box.
• If the records are letter size, please file them facing the handholds.
• If the records are legal size, please file them facing the long side of the box.
• Do not combine different record series into one box.

Should I create a content list for the boxes being transferred?

Yes, please create a list that matches the order of the materials filed in the boxes. When describing the records please do not use agency speak that may be confusing to folks who may be researching the records in the future.

Contact information for additional questions

If you have any additional questions please contact the State Archives at 303-866-4900 or archivesrm@state.co.us