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About Colorado History

This chronology PDF describes events of Colorado's prehistory, early history and events up to WWII. It is mostly excerpted from archival records of the State Planning Commission's Colorado Year Book, 1959-1961.

Notable Coloradans

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A group of people gathered on a mountainside tossing snowballs. Caption snow balling in July summit of divide Denver

Colorado Government

The discovery of gold in 1858 brought people to the fledgling towns of Denver City, Auraria and other front range mining camps. The new inhabitants quickly realized the need for some form of government and movement began toward a territorial and a subsequent state government which led up to the admittance of Colorado as the 38th state of the Union on August 1, 1876.

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Chronology of the Colorado Constitution: Eighteen Years to Statehood

Colorado Enabling Act (PDF of transcribed copy of the Enabling Act in 1861 which established the Colorado Territory).

1876 Colorado Constitution (PDF copy)

The Constitutional Convention of 1875

Creation of Colorado Counties

Present Counties of Colorado