CCC Records

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About the Records

There are approximately 80 cubic feet of material in the CCC Collection at the State Archives. The records originated with the Colorado State Department of Public Welfare (CSDPW) and span the years 1933-1942, mostly between 1936-1942 when the CSDPW was the official State selection agency for CCC enrollment.

Although the collection contains much documentation concerning the enrollment aspects of the CCC, it also provides excellent information about every aspect of the CCC including the policies and rules instituted by the federal government, the camps, life in the CCC, and the federal and state agencies involved in the CCC. It does not include project files but there is information about specific projects and over 300 photographs of projects and CCC camps in Colorado.

How to Find Information

The following records are held by the State Archives, and are searchable using our Archives Search database:

  • All Colorado Enrollment Records 
  • All Colorado Enrollment cards (microfilm/indexed)

Some of the other CCC records held by the State Archives include:

  • Applications/Discharge Notifications
  • Reports
  • Enrollment Reports
  • Narrative Reports
  • Annual/Quarterly Reports - CO Dept. of Public Welfare
  • Manuals and Handbooks
  • Correspondence
  • Rosters
  • Station Lists
  • Publications
  • Newsletters
  • Publicity
  • Maps
  • Photographs and Other Photographic Media

To Request a Record

To search our records, please see Archives Search.

To request a record from the Archives, please submit a formal request.