About This Collection

Governor Gilpin

The Governor's Collection is available at the Archives and includes records that document the governors' term in office.

Records may include:

  • The Executive Record
  • Correspondence
  • Appointments
  • Reports and speeches
  • Extraditions and requisitions
  • Proclamations
  • Maps
  • Fiscal reports
  • Photographs

How to Find Information in the Collection

The following is a list of the Territorial and Statehood Governors of Colorado from 1862-present. For the collections of Governors Gilpin through Orman, click on the links below to learn more. For Governors Peabody to present, please contact the State Archives Research Desk to learn more about the collections.

Territorial Governors 1861-1876

Statehood Governors 1876-1895

Statehood Governors 1895-1907

Statehood Governors 1907-1927

  • Buchtel, Henry A. R 1907-1909 
  • Shafroth, John F. D 1909-1913 
  • Ammons, Elias M. D 1913-1915 
  • Carlson, George A. R 1915-1917 
  • Gunter, Julius C. D 1917-1919 
  • Shoup, Oliver H. R 1919-1923 
  • Sweet, William E. D 1923-1925 
  • Morley, Clarence J. R 1925-1927 

Statehood Governors 1927-1951

  • Adams, William H. D 1927-1933 
  • Johnson, Edwin C. D 1933-1937 
  • Talbot, Ray H. D 1937 
  • Ammons, Teller D 1937-1939 
  • Carr, Ralph L. R 1939-1943 
  • Vivian, John C. R 1943-1947 
  • Knous, William L. D 1947-1950 
  • Johnson, Walter W. D 1950-1951 

Statehood Governors 1951-present


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