Alfred Packer

About the Alfred Packer Collection

An archival photo of Alfred Packer in a hat and jacket

The Colorado State Archives hold records that document the Supreme Court Case of Alfred Packer, who was accused of cannibalism during the winter of 1873-1874. View a chronology of events in Alfred Packer's life.

Included in the collection:

  • Penitentiary records and photos
  • Confessions
  • Governor's Pardon
  • Original case files from Gunnison and Hinsdale District Court

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Digital Copy of Supreme Court Case #3095

Alfred Packer's Penitentiary Photographs

Alfred Packer Confessions

Judge Jerry's Death Sentence of Packer

Governor Thomas' Conditional Parole


Digital Copy of Supreme Court Case #3095

The following digital exhibit contains the contents of Colorado Supreme Court Case #3095. It includes the Transcript of Records from the Hinsdale and Gunnison courts where the notorious cannibal Alfred Packer was tried. The case file is dated from 1898 but the transcripts contain documents from 1883 when he was tried in Lake City and sentenced to death for murder, 1885 when his death sentence was reversed by the Supreme Court, 1886 when he was ultimately found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in Gunnison County, and 1898 when he appealed his case to the Supreme Court but was denied.

Title Page

Writ of Error

Assignment of Error

Certification of Transcript


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