Arapahoe Divorce

How to request an Arapahoe County Divorce Case File:

1) Case Number: Your first step is to contact Arapahoe County Combined Courts to find your case number. State Archives cannot process any request without the case number of your divorce case. Call 303-645-6814.

2) Archives Location:  If you received your case number from the Arapahoe Court, they will have provided the Archives Location. Simply include the location number in your request. 

3) Documents: You can choose to receive the divorce decree only, the divorce decree and all its attachments (including separation agreement, parenting plan, support order), or the entirety of the file. 

Contact the person, agency, or institution you will be sharing the documents with before making your request to make sure you are requesting the correct documents. The Archives staff do not know what documents you will need. They also cannot offer legal advice regarding what documents you may need.

4) Identification: In order to confirm your connection with the case, in compliance with Colorado Law, we must see photo id. New attorneys to the case must provide an Order of Entry of Appearance and photo id for any request that includes any documents other than the divorce decree.

  • Customers with in-person appointments should be sure to bring some form of photo id.
  • Customers using our webform will receive instructions on how to provide photo ID.

5) Cost: Please see our Fees Page for our current fee schedule. 

6) Questions: Contact the research desk with any questions before submitting a formal request.

7) When will my request be ready? 

Divorce records from Arapahoe County are held at an off-site repository that we visit roughly twice a week.  The Archives requires in-person requests to make an appointment with us in advance to view records.  Requests that will be mailed to you can take up to 10 business days to be processed once payment and ID are received. All requests are done in the order they are received.

8) Make a Request