Death Records

About Death Records

Deaths in Colorado were not officially registered with the State until approximately 1908. Before that time there is no guarantee that a record of death exists. Our best collection of death records for that time are deaths that happened in a Denver hospital, though other early death records exist.

List of Death Records available at Colorado State Archives.

How to Find Information

Types of Death Records held by the Colorado State Archives

  • Death Certificate (available through the Vital Records subject to their policies)
  • Death Record, Register of Deaths, Death Books
  • Burial Permits
  • Burial Application
  • Burial Record
  • Coroner's Account
  • Coroner's Inquest

The following death records are searchable using our Archives Search database:

  • 1905-1909 - Denver County death records 
  • 1893-1907 - Kit Carson County death records

These records are held by the State Archives and may be accessed by online, phone, mail or in-person request.

Death Certificates issued after 1908 are not held by the Archives. Please contact Certificates and Vital Records for these records.

Probate Records can be another helpful resource to researchers interested in documentation of someone's death.


To Request a Record

To search our records, please see Archives Search.

To request a record from the Archives, please submit a formal request.